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Best Eyebrows Microblading Services in Calgary

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Best eyebrows microblading services in Calgary

Microblading is a revolutionary way of redefining the beauty industry. And Calgary, with its vibrant culture and trendsetting lifestyle, has caught on to this service. In this article we will explore the world of eyebrow microblading in Calgary – what it entails, how much it costs and why you should consider getting one yourself!

What is Eyebrow Microblading?

Eyebrow microblading is a semi-permanent makeup procedure that involves manually implanting pigment into the skin to create natural-looking eyebrow strokes. This technique is most commonly used for people who want fuller or more defined brows. It’s done by making small cuts in the shape of hairs and filling them with color so they look like real strands.

The Process:

Consultation: The first step towards achieving your dream eyebrows begins with a consultation where you discuss your desired brow shape, colour and style. This ensures that what you end up getting matches perfectly with your face’s unique features and personal tastes.

Mapping and Designing: Based on accurate measurements taken from facial symmetry analysis micro-bladers use tools such as rulers or thread lines to draw an outline around where each hair should be placed which ensures evenness throughout both brows.

Procedure: The artist uses special pen-like instruments called “microblades” which have tiny needles at their tips (hence why some people call this ‘eyebrow tattooing’). These blades are dipped into pigment then carefully applied onto skin using light strokes following natural directionality affecting individual hairs so they come out looking very realistic indeed!

Healing & Touch-ups: Like all good things worth waiting for there needs time allowed after initial procedure usually between 4-6 weeks during which complete healing takes place while some areas may require fine-tuning at later stage for perfection achieved.

Benefits of Eyebrow Microblading:

Natural Appearance – Results delivered by micro bladed eyebrows blend seamlessly with existing ones giving off super-natural look.

Time Saving – No more daily grooming routines as these brows require very low maintenance.

Confidence Boosting – Well defined brows add an extra level of symmetry to faces enhancing personal confidence levels greatly!

Semi-permanence: Although up to two years can elapse before any noticeable fading occurs they’re still temporary enough allowing modification following changes made popular by evolving fashion trends unlike permanent inks where nothing much can be done once applied.

Cost of Eyebrow Microblading in Calgary:

The average cost for eyebrow microblading services in Calgary is $300-$600 per session. The price varies depending on factors such as reputation, location and experience level of the professional carrying out the procedure. This amount covers not just their skill and talent but also materials used during operation among other things so don’t let it scare you off too quickly!

It’s worth noting that while this may seem like a higher initial investment compared with traditional methods over long term there are many benefits including time saved which makes micro blade quite cost effective option indeed!

Choosing Your Artist Wisely:

Selecting a skilled artist who has good reviews behind them is essential if one wants great results from any cosmetic enhancement treatment like eyebrow tattooing. It would therefore be wise to go through different portfolios, read what others say about various artists’ work plus get information regarding where they trained as well whether or not certification was obtained upon completion of training course undertaken – always put safety first!

In conclusion, getting your eyebrows micro-bladed in Calgary will change how you look at yourself forever! The intricate process involved coupled with its amazing advantages have made it very popular among people looking for perfectly shaped eye brows without having to depend on make-up every now and then. It’s important though that when starting this journey towards achieving flawlessly defined arches one should ensure only experts handle such delicate tasks thus guaranteeing high standards are met throughout procedure. So why wait? Visit us today!


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