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Best Oyster Bar in Calgary

Discover Calgary's top oyster bars and indulge in the freshest oysters sourced from around the world. From cozy, casual spots to upscale establishments, Calgary's oyster bars offer a diverse selection of oyster varieties and expert shucking. Explore Calgary's culinary scene and find your new favorite oyster bar today.

Best Oyster Bar in Calgary

It may not be famous for its seafood, but hidden away in the city are some oyster spots that are a haven for every lover of oysters. Calgary has a variety of bars serving oysters and they cater to all tastes, from those with taste buds well-accustomed to the ocean’s little treasures to those who never tasted this type of food before. Therefore, we have compiled an ordered list of top five favorite restaurants where Calgary customers can be sure to find what they want.

Qualities Of A Good Oyster Bar

Before delving into the best oyster bars in Calgary, it is important to know their defining characteristics. It is not just about taking oysters at the bar; as a matter of fact, one should look out for other features that ensure a great experience as well. Here are some key things you need to consider when choosing an ideal place for tasting oysters in Calgary:

Freshness: The freshness of the oysters is one thing that makes or breaks any oyster bar. Therefore you should be interested in finding out if the bar gets its supplies from well-known sources and whether they serve them on ice so that you would get maximum freshness as possible.

Variety: A good spot will have different types of oysters from various regions. This way, customers can sample each kind and experience its unique flavors as well as textures.

Presentation: Oysters are considered delicacies and therefore, they have to be presented artistically while being served at any first-rate bar. Seek out bars that serve their raw shellfish on crushed ice with lemon wedges and cocktail sauce; these provide visually-appealing presentations.

Ambiance: An inviting environment can make an ordinary dining experience become outstanding. Whether it’s a small intimate space or a large lively hub you prefer, there are many options available among Calgary’s best places offering these delicious sea creatures.

Best Oyster Bars In Calgary

Now that you know what to look for in a great oyster bar, here’s a list of the best oyster bars in Calgary:

The Seafood Shack: If you love fresh oysters then this is the place for you. Located right downtown Calgary, The Seafood Shack will give you a taste of the ocean with its extensive menu of oysters from both coasts.

Ocean’s Edge: For those seeking something more formal, Ocean’s Edge has got your back. This classy destination offers various types of fresh oysters as well as other seafood which will leave you asking for more.

Pearl’s Oyster Bar: In Calgary it is considered an undiscovered treasure among foodies. Pearl’s Oyster Bar is known for unique blends of oysters and a great number of other seafood dishes that never disappoints.

Tide & Table: To get Atlantic Ocean flavor, visit Tide & Table. It is a lovely small restaurant where guests can enjoy not only different kinds of Atlantic Ocean oysters but also other seafood options that make everyone feel full at their root.

Shuck It: Shuck It is perfect when looking for something informal. The pub-like atmosphere and the selection of craft beers and cocktails create an excellent venue to serve raw shellfish offerings.


Calgary, while it is not necessarily a seafood town, nevertheless has some very good oyster bars. For those who have had a passion for oysters for ages, as well as those new to the world of oysters, Calgary offers many different great Oyster Bars that will meet your needs. So if you are ever in the mood for seafood, be sure to try out one of these greatest oyster spots next time you visit Calgary.


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