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Best Sports Pubs in Calgary

Looking for the best sports pub in Calgary? Discover lively atmospheres, delicious food, wide drink selections, great sports viewing experiences, community engagement, and convenient locations from top sports pubs in Calgary.

Best Sports Pubs in Calgary

Calgary is a city that loves its sports, and what better way to enjoy the game than at a sports pub? There’s nothing like sitting in a great atmosphere with delicious food and drinks while watching your favorite team play. In this article, we will explore some of the best sports pubs in Calgary.

Atmosphere and Ambience

What sets the best sports pubs apart from each other is their atmosphere and ambience. Look for bars that have an energetic vibe with lots of TVs showing different games around you at all times. Comfortable seating is also important so make sure there are enough chairs or booths available for everyone who wants to watch!

Food and Drink Selection

Another important thing to consider when choosing a great sports pub is their food and drink menu. Most places will offer typical bar food such as burgers, wings, nachos etc but they should also have something unique on their menu like steaks or seafood dishes! The same goes for drink selection; there should be craft beers available along with your favorite cocktails or non-alcoholic beverages.

Sports Viewing Experience

When it comes down to it though – how good can you see/hear what’s happening on-screen while being surrounded by other fans cheering loudly? This is why having big screen HDTVs throughout the establishment broadcasting games at all times mixed with high-quality sound systems are key features any worthwhile contender must possess. A multiple screen setup would be ideal so that customers can view more than one game simultaneously if desired.

Community & Fan Engagement

Some places go above and beyond creating community/fan engagement by hosting trivia nights and sports themed parties or even occasionally bringing in local athletes for meet & greets etcetera so keep an eye out for these establishments when doing your research! The best part about finding a regular crowd who love coming together over shared interests such as these means no matter what team someone supports – everyone gets along because well… we’re all there rooting against each other’s teams anyway right?

Location & Accessibility

Last but not least – convenience never hurt anyone either. Look for places close to public transportation routes and/or with ample parking space available nearby. Nobody wants to waste time trying figure out how get where they need during game day traffic so save yourself some trouble by choosing an easily accessible location!


In conclusion, finding the best sports pub in Calgary can be difficult, but it’s not impossible! All of these factors should be taken into account when making a decision: atmosphere & ambience; food & drink selection; sports viewing experience; community/fan engagement opportunities (such as hosting trivia nights or meet & greets with local athletes); location/accessibility considerations like proximity to transit routes or availability of parking spaces etcetera. If you consider all these points carefully and do thorough research on different establishments beforehand then there is no doubt that eventually you will find YOUR perfect spot for watching games while having fun with friends!


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